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Things I Learned Today

Untitled Reusable Blocks! What the heck are these things and what can I do with them?

It says I can “create content and save it for myself and other “contributors” to “reuse” across my site. Why? And what does it mean “the changes apply “everywhere it’s used”.

O-kay… so what does that mean? Is there an example? Hmmm…. should I just create this Reusable Block, title it and see what it does? What should I rename it has? Should I just go with “Test Reusable Block” and see what happens?

I’m scared (okay, not really but I thought I would add in some theatrics to all of this.) I will title this bad boy and SAVE it and then see what it does.

Wish me luck!

From a high level perspective, I have found out what these reusable blocks are good for. For me at least, they are a quick way to create repeatable text such as a signature line or just a copyright blurb. This is in no way the official “Reusable Block For Dummies” version of everything you can do with a Reusable Block, but it is a start.

T.E. Snyder

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