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Pick Up Lines for that Hot Bootiful Mess

We all know Halloween is geared toward the kids but who says they should be the only ones getting a little sugar this holiday?

Whether your little lady gets dressed up in that hot, sexy Leopard Princess outfit or not, your sweetheart deserves to get some enjoyment out of the flirtatious pick-up lines you could use on her… or at the very least, help coax out her into a sexier, devilish and fiendish attitude.

So here is a list of my favorite Halloween pickup lines:

  • You should probably be a ghost, because you could definitely be my boo
  • I see you picked out your Halloween costume this year.. as the “Hottest Woman In My Life”
  • You should go as a Zombie – because you are drop-dead gorgeous
  • Normally I would wish for Reese’s Pieces, but you are the only treat I want this year
  • I must be a Jack-O-Lantern, because I light up every time I see you.
  • That Skeleton over there said they’d get me your number but they obviously don’t have the guts… so here I am.
  • I must be a bat because I am pretty hung up on you
  • If I go as Dracula, will you fang… I mean hang out with me?
  • If you go to the Halloween party with me, I promise to be DEAD-icated to only you.
  • I should probably dress up as a Zombie – because I know you have a lot of brains.
  • Hmm – your sexy costume and great looks would bring all the boys to the graveyard
  • Are you a spiderweb? Because I seem to be all tangled up in you.
  • Will you be the Mortica to my Gomez? Go ahead – I dare you to speak French. Actually, just say anything you want!
  • Sweetheart – there is no need for that witches broom. You have already swept me off my feet
  • You must be what the neighbors are giving out this year, because I can’t wait to remove your wrapper and eat you all up.
  • You must be a ghost, because you have definitely raised my spirits.

Happy Halloween. And remember – always make her feel Bootiful.


T.E. Snyder

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