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Reuseable Blocks for Dummies? No, but….

Untitled Reusable Blocks! What the heck are these things and what can I do with them?

What you see above was the start of a blog about Reusable Blocks that I wrote a few weeks ago. In fact, the blog itself was written as a Reusable Block. Not sure why I did that way but now that I think about – that *might* be useful for me down the line.

But for now, the original reusable block that started this text, was conveniently and easily converted back to a regular paragraph format. That may not sound awe inspiring, but I am seeing great potential in that type of “operation” moving ahead.

For now, I want to go over the simple creation and usage of the Reusable Block.

Question: What is a Reusable Block?
Answer: A Reusable Block is something that a user can use to “create content and save it for themselves and other “contributors” to reuse across their site.” Why?
My source also stated “that any changes made to the Reusable Block will be applied to every instance through the site, in which that the Reusable Block was used“. Interesting.

Question: Why Do I Want To Create A Reusable Block?
Answer: If you have a need to create ANY type of reusable content, then a reusable block is the way to go.

Examples: Signature blocks, copyright notifications, a favorite quote you like to insert. Maybe an image. The options are endless.

Question: How do I create a Reusable Block?
Answer: Below is the step by step process to create a Reusable Block

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  • Click the paragraph and click “More Options” and then “Add to Reusable Blocks”

Rename the block to whatever is useful for you. In my case, I renamed it “Copyright Text No Signature”. Click Save.

Here is how I retrieve the reusable block.

Click top left block and scroll down to “Reusable”. Click the arrow to expand.
Click your reusable block that you have saved. In this example, we are choosing my “Copyright Text No Signature” block.
At this point you can choose to edit the block if you wish. If not, just unclick out of the box. Below is the finished product.

Comments, Likes and Followers always appreciated!
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Below is an example of my “Signature Line” Reusable Block.

T.E. Snyder

Comments, Likes and Followers always appreciated!
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I have inserted my signature line on nearly every blog / story I have created. If at any time I wish to change something on my signature block, I can make those changes and wherever that signature block is used, the changes will automatically take place.

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