You plucked me from a pet store,
A world of uncertainty and lots of crazy.
I nuzzled into your lap afraid, 
Where you sheltered, loved and saved me.

You fed me feasts that were fancy, 
and made for a king;
But all I wanted was your hand. 
Now that, was my thing.

You let me sleep on your bed, 
no matter where you would be;
You gave me corks and fun things. 
It was really great to be me.

I would run after flickings 
of flickering lights;
If there was a bird in a window, 
I would meow and give flight.

I wasn't young or as spry, 
as you sort of, had hoped
I was older and lazier 
but still a good bloke.

I loved you Theresa; 
you were so kind and sweet to me.
You saved me from crazy 
and allowed me to be free.

You shared your time and your home; 
your love and your lap,
You were the best of the best, 
that a cat could ever have.

I know that I have left you, 
maybe too quick and too soon
But I want you to know, 
that you shouldn't be blue.

You were the best loving owner 
any cat ever had,
So I don't want you to be sorry, 
I don't want you to be sad.

You let me live better than 
most cats probably should
You spoiled me rotten 
and I'd stay if I could.

But I am old and I am tired 
and it is time for me to see,
The peace of final silence; 
an honor you gave to me.

You could have brought me to a vet, 
and given me last rights,
Instead you blessed me with cuddles, 
and let me live my full life.

To my end, I thank you, 
till forever and a day,
That you loved me that much, 
to let me do it, my way.

I was always be your Gabby. 
till my hourglass loses sand,
I will miss your gentle touch 
and sleeping on your hand.

But as I say goodbye to you,
as I go to my final place,
I trust that you will miss me 
and have tears upon your face.

But know I was a grand ol' lucky cat 
I hoped I thanked you every day. 
So as I say goodbye to you
Trust I was happy and it will be okay.

~ Gabby