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New for 2020

Today marks my first week without caffeine of any kind and running 5-10 miles each day.

I’ve stopped eating meat, cheese, bread, cake or anything sweetened. The change in my body has already been fantastic!

I feel great, look great and my whole outlook is more positive. I plan to make this my new lifestyle…zero caffeine, eating a healthy diet that is completely vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free; and above all else, working out for two hours every day! …………..

Umm, I don’t know whose status that was, but they said to copy and paste, so I did. As for me, my coffee is brewing, I have a half bag of Cheetos open (somewhere) and I’m fixin’ on grilling up that huge t-bone on the grill and make me some mashed taters and gravy.


12 responses to “New for 2020”

  1. lol I was just about to say bullshit lol 😂.. taking a Cheeto and fixing me a coffee ☕️ lol

  2. I started reading and was like, “when the hell did he become a lying sack of shit”?!- thinking, he had coffee at my house LESS than a week ago! Kept reading and, THERE’S the Tom I know and love……pass the Cheetos please!

    1. Jody… Remember when I was talking about Valium, Chinese finger torture, screeching cats, enemas, pouty party poopers and Crocodile Dundee?

      No? Hmm… Well, if I did – Jules is the one I was referring to.

      Jody — meet Jules. Jules — meet Jody.

  3. Gasp who is Jodi and why is she stealing the Cheetos I asked first lol 😂

    1. Jody is one of my besty friends and will likely get Theresa to be her partner in crime against me…

  4. | was also about to call bullshit, You can’t live without your 1st love coffee. I see I’ll have to hide my Cheetos from you (telling you now, get your own bag). Another lie, exercise? I can’r get you to take the stairs from the 2nd floor. SMH. lol.

    1. 2nd floor stairs… that are nearly 3 miles away to either side of me. God made elevators for a reason!

  5. Oh and Jules ,, Jodi is the other woman in this relationship or wait; maybe I am in theirs, either way, he doesn’t let us talk to each other .

    1. Oh that is such a lie! LOL

  6. Well if she puts up with him it’s a miracle (be)cause God knows I couldn’t lol 😂

    (Edited by blog owner, T.E. Snyder, for the sake of sanity)

    1. Happy?

      1. I’m always happy you ?

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