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Be with someone who loves you more, than on the days you can't love yourself at all…

If I Had It My Way

If I had it my way,

We would go to bed together; and wake to watch the sunrise. I would wake refreshed with a purpose and begin hatching a plan to renew her love for me. She would wake to a whisper and a murmur in her ear; telling her how breathtakingly beautiful she is. She would roll over and smile as I kissed her warm cheek to beckon her from her slumber.

If I had it my way,

I would watch her scuddle back under the blankets to allow her those last few precious, remaining moments of morning silence. I would dash into the kitchen and begin making her favorite breakfast, all the while listening for her to rise and start her shower. With breakfast ready, I’d enter and place her flavored water bottle and dry towel on the vanity. With her glistening skin steaming under the spray, I would remind her how special she was to me.

If I had it my way,

She would come down with boundless excitement at the delightful breakfast I prepared for her. I would plant a kiss on her softened lips and greet her with a large smile. I would gaze endlessly for I would be amazed and proud for who she is. I would immerse myself in her words and banter and be mesmerized by her tender voice.

If I had it my way,

I would fiendishly cheat at board games, then wait for her to catch me and purse her lips in feigned disgust. I would not just say I loved her, but I would devote my lifetime to prove it. I would show her my affections rather than just tell her of my intentions. I would never waste a moment to gaze upon her with renewed lust, as if it was the first moment, I had laid eyes on her.

If I had it my way,

She would know I wanted her; right then and there. I would prove my undying faithfulness and give her no reason to doubt me. I’d be a man and show compassion to her needs rather than be cowardly by proving I was always right.

If I had it my way, I wouldn’t want it my way. I’d want it our way.

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