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Politics – in everyday life, the term “politics” refers to the way countries are governed, and to the ways that governments make rules and laws.


Origin: late Middle English: from Old French politique ‘political’, via Latin from Greek politikos, from politēs ‘citizen’, from polis ‘city’.

  • GOP Senators Treated For Hand Pain
    … After Crossing Fingers Too Tightly During Senate Trial Oath (US Capitol) The impeachment trial of President Trump got off to a rocky start today after dozens of GOP Senators complained of distracting hand pain shortly after they were sworn in in the Senate Chamber by Chief Justice Roberts. Medical professionals inspected the ailing Senators and […]
  • The GOP and the Two Santa Claus Tactic
    The GOP used a Two Santa Clauses tactic to con America for nearly 40 years This scam has been killing wages and enriching billionaires for decades THOM HARTMANN This article originally appeared on AlterNet. “The only thing wrong with the U.S. economy is the failure of the Republican Party to play Santa Claus.”-Jude Wanniski, March 6, […]
  • McConnell 1 – Schumer 0: But the last laugh might belong to Schumer
    Parts of this story was taken from a Politico editorial by BURGESS EVERETT and MARIANNE LEVINE Democrats plan to squeeze vulnerable Republicans with a series of tough votes that could hurt them in November. Chuck Schumer lost the first impeachment trial battle to Mitch McConnell. But the Democratic leader and his party insist they can still win the […]
  • Communion Now Requires an Armed Escort: Cover me!
    Sunday’s church shooting in White Settlement, Texas, a reality seemingly cemented in the stark contrast of good versus evil; seems only to resonate in varying shades of gray as we slump back and again ponder the reasons why this continues to happen. For some, the “minimal loss of life” in the aftermath of this tragedy, […]
  • Pelosi Cries Foul; McConnell Stays Defiant: The Nebulous Impeachment Debacle
    President Clinton’s Impeachment: Historical Perspective Back in December of 1998, a newly appointed congressman named Chuck Schumer (D- NY) was tasked with voting on four impeachment articles against a sitting President. With a Republican majority lead, the House voted to impeach then President Bill Clinton on two of the four impeachable charges; obstruction and perjury […]
  • The Trump Impeachment: Is This The End? Maybe not
    On December 18th, 2019, articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump were passed by the House. The House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, will need to send those articles to the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. A Senate trial will then ensue with witnesses being called. After all evidence is heard, the Senate will take a […]
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