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Supporting Sponsors

This page is in support of others who strive to better themselves, enrich those around them -or- make a little cash on the side. Although I do not personally endorse any product, I do encourage you take advantage of them.

Contact me if you would like to be added to this page. I offer this as a free service. Any person or entity added will be noted as a “Supporting Sponsor”

Sandra Sprouse – AVON Rep

Avon Online Sales Representative

Thanks for stopping by my online store! You can shop with me anytime – 24/7 – for all the latest products and offers. I love selling Avon because I love being able to share these amazing products and exclusive deals with my customers. Looking for makeup tips? Get the latest looks with easy techniques in our how-to videos. Also, I can deliver everything to you or you can choose direct delivery and have your order sent to your home or office. Now, let’s start shopping!

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2 thoughts on “Supporting Sponsors

    1. Jalowkicielne:
      The Supporting Sponsors page are for those individuals/companies who have
      1. given me positive feedback in the past or
      2. are close friends who have a small side business to help differ costs of everyday life or
      3. are really neat products that I like to share with others.

      I do this strictly on my own and don’t ask for any compensation for it.

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