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Be with someone who loves you more, than on the days you can't love yourself at all…

About Me


Life is but a tale of woven intricate flows of cause and circumstance; with memories that give reflection to wondrous and lugubrious delicate moments and emotions; where the intensity of remembrance ebb and flow as we traverse forward in the massive abyss of life’s journey.

The genesis of these stories stem from an autobiographical standpoint. I am immensely proud to share the deeply humorous, embarrassing and unique celebrations that revel in the tales from the time I was a young boy through adulthood. Through my writing, I welcome the opportunity to bring my readers a voyeuristic view into the relationships, the love, happiness, and in some cases, the harsh lessons of life and humanity to which I have witnessed. These seem like simple stories but they delve deep into intricate visual patterns of my sublime thoughts and memories. 

Sadly, age has made some memories ripple and fall out of focus. Thankfully, raw strobes of emotion continue to conjure snippets that have preserved their pureness and brilliance. 

My writings are a form of therapy for which I can reground and immerse myself. My hope is you find as much delight reading them as I did in writing them.


T.E. Snyder

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