Chronicled Memories

Be with someone who loves you more, than on the days you can't love yourself at all…


  • The Lake

    The Lake

    “Okay, kids,” Mother bellowed enthusiastically. “It’s time to go to the lake. Let’s get packing.” As a child, Mom’s momentous announcement could not have come sooner. The cabin at the lake was the quintessential vacation mecca developed specifically for a child’s imagination, enjoyment and physical restoration. A well-deserved summer vacation at Lake George was my… Continue reading

  • The Battle of Earl

    The Battle of Earl

    Blasting through the flaps of the tent, I splashed my seven dollars and twenty-five cents onto our makeshift war table. This wasn’t just any war table though. Crafted from the finest scrap plywood and held up with four plastic milk bins, we drew a scaled drawing of the playing field, my parents house, in permanent… Continue reading

  • To the Left of Mrs. T

    To the Left of Mrs. T

    The cross-town rivalry between our two schools was an epic event that filled bleachers and the minds of everyone who would lay witness to an epic battle. While the gymnasium resonated with the sound of dribbling basketballs during pre-game warm-ups, people flocked in at an alarming rate. Brother McDonough and Sister Evelyn manned the entrance… Continue reading

  • Happy Birthday Tommy

    Happy Birthday Tommy

    On any given day, you could always find Mom perched in her comfy padded chair at the small eat-in kitchen table. Behind her the kitchen window was always wide open; bristling in the sounds and the smells that the day brought forth. It was here that she addressed all matters of importance; the bills, the… Continue reading

  • They’re Not Like Bullwinkle

    They’re Not Like Bullwinkle

    As I tooled through the winding roads of the Adirondack Forest in my 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle, dusk was fast approaching. I was still a good two hours from my final destination, Canton ATC College near Potsdam, New York. My girlfriend was waiting for me to arrive and we planned a wild and crazy weekend.… Continue reading