Chronicled Memories

Be with someone who loves you more, than on the days you can't love yourself at all…


  • When Negotiations Fail

    When Negotiations Fail

    With twelve years of experience under my belt, I considered myself an extremely adept and formidable negotiator of the highest order. Combined with two other agents, we had nearly forty years of combined training and real-world experience in the art of clandestine operations. Those skills were tested and refined constantly, especially when handling risky, volatile… Continue reading

  • Lost Goodbyes

    Lost Goodbyes

    I was twenty-one when word came from another airman that I was being summoned to the squadron commander. In my gut, I knew why I was being requested. I hastily packed my training books away and quick stepped to the administration wing. Within minutes, I was knocking on the side of the commander’s open door.… Continue reading

  • To the Left of Mrs. T

    To the Left of Mrs. T

    The cross-town rivalry between our two schools was an epic event that filled bleachers and the minds of everyone who would lay witness to an epic battle. While the gymnasium resonated with the sound of dribbling basketballs during pre-game warm-ups, people flocked in at an alarming rate. Brother McDonough and Sister Evelyn manned the entrance… Continue reading