Chronicled Memories

Be with someone who loves you more, than on the days you can't love yourself at all…


  • The Lady in the Flopping Hat

    The Lady in the Flopping Hat

    Barreling in through the middle of Minoa, Art started to pump the brakes of his five window Ford Coupe. He couldn’t chance overheating them at this pace. The alley was quickly approaching but something had to be done to slow this behemoth rolling death trap. Bud’s face contorted and grimaced, as he instinctively slammed his… Continue reading

  • When Negotiations Fail

    When Negotiations Fail

    With twelve years of experience under my belt, I considered myself an extremely adept and formidable negotiator of the highest order. Combined with two other agents, we had nearly forty years of combined training and real-world experience in the art of clandestine operations. Those skills were tested and refined constantly, especially when handling risky, volatile… Continue reading

  • Unyielding Faith

    Unyielding Faith

    I have always championed the sentiment that my parents were the epitome of “true and unyielding love”. They say memories become slightly misaligned from the actual truth of the events. That might be true, but if I am guilty of exaggeration, I make no apologies. I take satisfaction knowing that any exaggeration was skewed by… Continue reading